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Triple F Empowerment Inc. (TFE) is a Harlem-based 501c3 public charity founded by Stephanie Farmer, affectionately known as Ms. Steph, in 2012. Our mission is to inspire, empower, and encourage young people to pursue education and careers in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) fields.

At TFE, we offer a range of programs and services aimed at achieving our vision. Our flagship program, Ms. Steph’s Science Club (SSC), is designed to provide students with positive educational experiences that prepare them for future science courses while nurturing a deep passion for learning. SSC comprises various initiatives, including the Summer Science Club, Saturday Science Club, Traveling Science Teacher Initiative, and now, Consultation Services.

Our Consultation Services cater to schools, after-school programs, and child development centers seeking guidance and support in implementing STEAM-focused curricula and activities. We provide tailored recommendations, resources, and strategies to enhance STEAM education and engagement within these organizations.

Since our inception, we've reached over 5000 young people aged 2-22, encouraging them to pursue their educational and career goals in the STEAM fields. We reached our first 1000 students milestone in the fall of 2019, well ahead of our initial projections. Through partnerships with over 23 community partners throughout New York City, including schools and community centers, we continue to make strides in fostering the next generation of STEAM leaders through community engagement, strategic planning, and fundraising efforts.

Meet Ms. Steph

Hi, I'm Stephanie E. Farmer, the founder of Triple F Empowerment Inc (TFE).


From a young age, I was interested in science, dance, singing and working with

children. I've been working with youth consistently since volunteering at Vacation

Bible School at age 12. I had amazing math and science teachers throughout junior

high and high school. I've traveled all over the world and I've released two independent

albums. In 2001 I graduated from UNM with a Biochemistry degree. After working as a

laboratory scientist for several years I was invited to be the

after school & summer camp director at a Harlem nonprofit.


By the end of 2012, I had launched TFE and became the science teacher for 300 students

at a charter school in East Harlem. In 2014 I made the commitment to be TFE's full-time

Executive Director. It is my honor to say that TFE has grown from serving 6 students at a

two-day-a-week summer program to inspiring hundreds of students city-wide. 


It is my personal vision that each child that participates in our programming will have a strong

scientific knowledge base, a sense of their own creativity, self-respect and the understanding that

they are meant to do great things!


Why STE(A)M?

By the year, 2021, 80% of all jobs will require STEM skills but in most Harlem elementary schools students have science only once a week! Those same students may not be introduced to basic engineering concepts until High School. This is too late! At SSC we believe in an early introduction to both STEAM concepts and skills. Several studies have shown that the earlier a child is exposed to a subject the easier it is for them to learn it. This has proven true for music, art, sports and foreign languages. This is why SSC students are as young as 18mo!


Every workshop touches on all 5 STEAM disciplines; Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math in a way that is both accessible and enjoyable for the youth of all ages. When Ms. Steph goes into a classroom, daycare or after-school program students become open to the possibilities. They not only learn from her but begin to engage their other learning environments in a whole new way. TFE is much needed in Harlem.



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