Ms. Steph's Science Club


To provide students with positive educational experiences that will prepare them for future science courses while gaining and cultivating a deep passion for learning.

Traveling Science Teacher (TST)

Ms. Steph or her assistant will come to your school, daycare center or after-school program and lead weekly STEAM workshops. Your students will definitely be inspired, empowered and encouraged by the hands-on activities facilitated by Ms. Steph and her staff.  

Note: This service is currently being offered through remote learning conduits. Please email Ms. Steph for more details.




Saturday & Special Edition Science Clubs

Children, ages 5-12, participate in special STEAM activities; age-appropriate science experiments, field trips, and art activities. 

Until we are back in our regular locations; join us on our Facebook page for a weekly live stream with Ms. Steph.



Summer Science Club


Scientists, ages 5-12, participate in 6 weeks of summer fun! Scientists will engage in age-appropriate academic, arts, recreation activities and weekly field trips.


Scientists ages 13-16 learn valuable soft skills while volunteering as Jr. Counselors.

Coming soon: More information on SSC2020 



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