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Give To Our Mission


We know Ms. Steph’s Science Club makes a difference in the lives of

hundreds of students, their families, and the communities within which they

reside, building an understanding of how these subject areas impact and affect

their lives and how they can envision long-term study and careers in these fields.


You can help us grow our programming and the reach of our STEAM

curriculum with your social investment of a one-time gift, subscription,

or matching gift.


Your impact covers the following:

  1. Operating budget to fund staffing and program operations

  2. Traveling Science Teacher staffing and partnerships

  3. Saturday Science Club staffing and science kits

  4. Summer Science Club preparation and science kits

  5. Virtual learning equipment and PPE.


Donate by mail:

Triple F Empowerment, Inc

2214 Frederick Douglass Blvd, Suite 296

New York, NY 10026

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